Minesweeper using HTML5

13 May 2018 0 Comments javascript html css

Obviously, everyone was born before the year 2000 knows the famous classic game ‘Minesweeper’. To me, I knew this game when I was little at the time where Windows XP was ruling everywhere. It is funny because at that time I did not know exactly how the game is played. That time the game was some kind of a luck game to me where you try to eliminate all the squares except the ones with mines until you either win or lose :laughing:. Read more...

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Sync Google calendar using Vdirsyncer and Orage

08 Apr 2018 0 Comments google-calendar vdirsyncer caldav xfce linux

For a long time I wanted to have all my calendars and todo lists synchronized with my current desktop setup. Currently, I am using XFCE software, like Thunar, with Openbox to manage everyday stuff. Yes, I know with Gnome DE you can achieve that easily, but Gnome has a HUGE package dependencies. XFCE on the other hand is very light-weight and simple. Read more...

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Dropbox client on Ubuntu server 16.04

06 Aug 2017 0 Comments linux dropbox systemd

Dropbox, in my opinion, is the best cloud service available. I wanted to have one shared dropbox folder that is accessible from all my virtual machines running on the server. I am using a ZFS drive as a storage drive, the dropbox folder is located in the ZFS drive. Dropbox service is running as a normal user, not the root, and the server is using systemd to start the service after booting the system. Read more...

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What is Jekyll?

09 Jun 2017 0 Comments jekyll ruby

Jekyll is a static website builder, it assembeles and combines multiple pages to form one unified HTML page. Jekyll uses YAML language to organize the structure of the page. Markdown language, which is a text-to-HTML converter, makes webpages easy to write and adapt. Read more...

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